Wat is het verschil tussen een Netbook, Notebook en Ultrabook?

15 10 2012



3D mogelijkheden in een laptop.

14 10 2012


The integration of computers in cars.

14 10 2012



14 10 2012

Opera is a browser that is very fast, because Opera Turbo can make it a lot faster. If you browse on the Internet, you won’t be exposure to threats. Opera has a very high protection level. The design of Opera looks very good, is easier and can be personalized to how you want it. This browser reminds me a bit to Google Chrome.


Mozilla Firefox

11 10 2012

Mozilla is a browser made by a hundred of volunteers. They want to improve the world by giving the online-experience to every human on earth. Firefox is a lot safer against spyware and viruses. There are a lot of extensions for Firefox and that makes is easier to test and open pages of the Internet. Just like Explorer, makes Firefox a lot of versions. Each version is better than the previous one.




11 10 2012

The browser made by apple and only used by apple. This browser is a part of the apple products. It takes advantage of the multi-Touch technology that are built into these products. With these technology can you tap, scroll and swipe around the Internet. Safari is amazing fast and very easy to use. It is one of a kind in the browsers.



Internet Explorer

11 10 2012

Internet Explorer is probably the eldest browser, but is it the best browser? In the past was Internet dominated by Internet Explorer. Thus the other browsers couldn’t develop very much. It started in 1995 and from that moment they designed more and better versions of Internet Explorer. They have now released Internet Explorer 9. They say that the new version is faster, safer and looks better. In my opinion is Explorer a bit perished.